Ali Can Saglam
Teacher, Developer, Technician

I had always interested in computers and all about technology. I am developing websites, web and desktop applications. I like solving technological problems.

In 2017 I was a technical service expert, in 2018 I was an educator in "maker workshop", in 2019 I am developing web apps and attending my compulsory teacher internship and same time I'm developing my new website. In, I'm creating videos and graphic design and administrate social accounts.


Florya College
Intern Teacher

2019 October - Still Working

In my faculty, every student have to be a intern teacher in a college and state school in their last year at university.

Yıldız Technical University
Student Assistant

2018 November - Still Working

I am a authorised student who prepare computers for lessons. (Installing operating systems, user authorization, lecturer requests etc.).

Abaküs Kitap

2018 June - 2019 June

I'm responsible person for all education activities including prepare lesson plans, talk to student and their parents. We did lots of projects with Arduino and Microbot and also tens of sensors.

CTC Informatics and Visual Design
Technical Service Expert

July 2016 - September 2017

Because of my interested of computer I started to work as a technical service employee in a small company. In this company, I had fix a lot of computer systems and set electronically and security systems. // Installing operating systems and other programs, Maintenance and repair for desktop and laptop computers, Customer services and sales process, Active Directory, OEM Components, Diagnostic"

Yıldız Technical University
Faculty of Education
Computer Education and Instructional Technologies

2015 September - Undergraduate

There are a lot of computer, which I am in love, and education lectures. I love this department because I had always like to teach something to others and with this department I learnt this to do professionally.

#Computer Science
#Educational Technologies
#Instructional Technologies
#Programming Languages
Universidad de Cordoba
Faculty of Education
Computer Education and Instructional Technologies

2018 January - 2018 June

I was an Erasmus+ exchange student in Cordoba, Spain. It was a wonderful experience for me!


I Can Code!

I can develope web, mobile and desktop apps and also websites.

I created this web page using bootstrap :)

  • Javascript
  • C#
  • Java

I'm a Teacher!

After graduation I will be a teacher with my years of experience. I can handle education jobs.

  • Educational Technologies
  • Instructional Methods, Models, Strategies, Techniques
  • Projects, Mentorship
  • Designer
    I Can Imagine

    With my courses in university I improved my design skills. I can design web pages, brochures, business cards, posters etc.

    • Web Design
    • Adobe Programs - Creative Studio
    • Design Principles

    I was born in İstanbul and I am still here. :)

    • Speaking - Excellent
    • Listening - Excellent
    • Writing - Excellent
    Yıldız Technical University English School

    Before university, I had known something about English but I could not speak. With this education, I started to speak relaxedly. With Erasmus+ Project I had to spoken in English and Spanish. This force helped me to improve my language skills.

    • Speaking - Fluent
    • Listening - Very Good
    • Writing - Good
    Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program

    If I am in a foreign country why don't I learn a new language?

    • Speaking - Good
    • Listening - Good
    • Writing - Basic
    Google Certified Educator


    This means I can use Google Apps in classroom effectively.

    Google for Education
    Google Apps

    Ali Can Saglam 2012-2019
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